How to buy a car online and ship it to Europe

Car Shipping USA to Europe

Buying a car can be very bothersome. After the hassle of buying a car in the US and shipping it to Europe can also give you trouble. This blog will be able to help you with the entire process of, buying a car in the US and shipping to Europe, from start to finish.

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STEP 1 would be finding a reputable shipping company. Luckily with Sims, Waters & Associates you won’t have to worry about this step at all. If you would like to find your own shipping company, you can find one on google by searching “international car shipping”. To make sure company is safe use search them up on the Better Business Bureau website, if the company has a good rating you know you can ship with them.

STEP 2 is finding a car online. There are many websites or application to help you through this. Our personal favorites are,, and All three of these websites have new and used cars for great prices. Craigslist can have some of the lowest prices, but be careful because there are a lot of scammers on there.

STEP 3 is checking your country’s import taxes, regulations, and permits. This step can be the most confusing but is essential. You want to do this to check if your country will tax your shipment, how you can ship your car or, what permits you or this shipping company might need. To do this, type your countries’ name followed by import duty into the google search-bar. For example, if you want to ship to the UK you would type “United Kingdoms import duty” into your search-bar on google. This will let you know the regulations around shipping and what else. If there is an import tax on your car it will be based off the cars’ base value.

STEP 4 is arranging payment to the seller. There are quite a few ways to pay for a car online. Paying for a car should mean that the seller has the original title of ownership. Make sure you ask about this when arranging payment with your seller. PayPal is a great method because if the seller does not produce the title of ownership after payment you can contact PayPal and they will give you back your money. You can also just bank transfer but, make sure that you only do this with a reputable online dealership. Make sure the seller knows they must give the keys to car transporter.

STEP 5 is to take shipping rates into consideration. International shipping rates have rather large variations, what car, year, make, or model can all affect the price. The more expensive the car the higher the shipping rate will most likely be. All this taken into consideration shipping a car can be quite expensive, but Sims-Waters promises to always give our customers fair and competitive pricing.

STEP 6 is arranging payment to the shipping company. This can easily be done through your credit card, PayPal, or a bank transfer.

STEP 7 is arranging for transport to departing port. To do this there are many companies such as,, or, that will be able to move your car from the place of purchase to the departure port. This can be rather annoying to have to deal with. another shipping company. With Sims-Waters we take care of the transport and shipping aspects of this entire process for a fair and competitive price.

STEP 8 is getting the Title of Ownership and a Bill of Sale sent where they need to go. Prior to shipping the Title of Ownership must be sent to the international shipping company and the Bill of Sale must be sent to the new owner. After sailing, the car shipping company will send the Title of Ownership to the new owner via FedEx Express International mail. The title of ownership must be shown when picking up the car. Storage fees will apply when your car is at the port so pick it up as soon as possible.

STEP 9 is picking up your vehicle. To do this, your name will have to be on a Bill of Landing which the shipping company will provide you with when arranging payment. The bill of lading will let the port know who you want to be able to pick up your vehicle. You will be able to put other’s names on it too, if you need someone else to pick it up. In addition, the title of ownership must be presented to pick up your car. This will be sent to you by the international shipping company. Be ready for import taxes. These can vary depending on your country, but you should know about how much it is from Step 2. Make sure to carry a little more than you think you’ll need, just in case.

By now you should have the car in your possession. If you have any trouble with any of the steps feel free to contact us at (904) 356-4455. Sims-Waters can also help reduce steps by taking care of all the shipping and transporting of your vehicle.

Why You Should Choose Sim’s Waters & Associates

  • Experience- we have 30 years of international car shipping and over 140 years of combined experience in oceanic freight shipping.
  • Convenience – we handle clearing vehicles, and all take care of the whole shipping process
  • Safety – Everything shipped with us with be strapped down and secured by professionals
  • Competitive prices- we ship 1000’s of vehicles and so we can negotiate prices with shipping lin

Sims, Waters & Associates is an ocean freight forwarder with industry-leading prices.

Sims, Waters & Associates is a licensed ocean freight forwarder since 1987. Our staff has over a hundred years of combined experience in the global freight shipping industry.

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