How to Ship a Boat Overseas?

Did you find a boat you like? We will do the rest for you! We do all the logistics to export your boat worldwide.

Overseas Boat Shipping is one of our specialties. We have been shipping boats and yachts almost 30 years. When you ship your boat overseas using our service, you will get it in the same condition as when you handed it over to us. Whether you need your boat or yacht picked up and shipped directly to your front door using our door-to-door service or you just want to take it to the departure port and have it picked up at the destination port, we can handle it all.

Overseas Boat Shipping is easy for us since our staff streamlined the shipping process. We can ship Boats, Yachts, Racing Boats (Speed Boats), Tug Boats, Sail Boats, Life Boats & Ferries any port worldwide.

There are several shipping methods available:

RoRo Shipping (Roll-On Roll-Off)

Ro-Ro boat shipping

RoRo Shipping Method in Overseas Boat Shipping is a simple, popular and easy way to ship your boat overseas. If your boat is on a trailer we can "Roll" your boat on and off, which makes this method cost effective. These RoRo ships also carry also Cars, Trucks and other Heavy Machinery overseas. RoRo ships are very large and shake much less at the stormy sea than the smaller vessels.

LoLo Shipping (Lift-On Lift-Off)

Lo-Lo boat shipping

LoLo Shipping Method in Overseas Boat Shipping is by using a crane to lift your Boat or Yacht on and off from shipping vessels. Your boat or yacht will be lifted and secured onto the deck of a large International Boat Transporter. While this method is the fastest way to export your boat from the United States overseas, it is not the most cost effective because it is mandatory to have a crane operator on site both at the departure port and destination port

Boat Shipping Inside Ocean Shipping Container

Container boat shipping

Container “Safe-Tilt” boat shipping technique allows us to pack boats up to 28ft (8.53m) long, and 8.6ft (2.62m) beam (wide) into a 40’ HC ocean container. This method allows our customers to save 30%-40% of shipping costs compared to Ro-Ro (Roll-On, Roll-Off) and Lo-Lo (Lift-On, Lift-Off) methods. Fuel, oil, water have to be drained.

There are also other boat shipping methods available. Please fill out our quick quote request form or call to our office 1-904-356-4455 to discuss about your boat or yacht shipping needs.

OUR PRICES ARE INDUSTRY LEADING. We've been serving our customers since 1987. Sims, Waters & Associates is licensed and bonded. Our staff has over hundred years of combined experience in the international freight shipping industry. Get a quick shipping quote now.


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