International Relocation to Europe Just Got Easier

Are you relocating internationally?

International Relocation to Europe Just Got Easier

Will you be moving overseas for business and/or pleasure? Well, with its vastly growing economy may Americans are travelling to Europe more and more each year. Europe is an immensely large continent with many beautiful countries, including Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. But, as stated by several European travel agencies, Spain is fast becoming one of the destinations that appear to be attracting many more Americans. So, whether you'll be moving temporarily or relocating permanently to Spain or any other European country let your next call be to Sims, Waters & Associates, Inc.

There are many things to consider when the decision to move overseas has been made. Rather than repurchase all of the necessities of life such as furniture, and even cars, many people simply opt to ship their possessions overseas; especially when it comes to vehicles. Shipping vehicles overseas can be a daunting task but, at Sims, Waters & Associates, Inc. we have been offering international freight forwarding services since 1986. Our employees have over one hundred combined years of experience in the international shipping industry. Whether it's just a single vehicle being transported or if you’re transporting vehicles for your entire family, Sims, Waters & Associates, Inc. have a variety of services available to accommodate all of your needs. Contact us for a quote today and we will discuss the options available to you when shipping your vehicle(s) overseas.

Sims, Waters & Associates, Inc.

Why should you choose our services?

First, our many years of experience speak volumes to our ability to assist you with your move overseas. Secondly, we don’t just sell you a service, we will also acquaint you with the industry terms like "freight shipping" "container shipping" and "RoRo" which may currently be unfamiliar to you. This way, you will be more fully aware and informed about all details of your shipment. With established relationships and direct carrier agreements with member partnership associations, co-loaders and global carriers, Sims, Waters & Associates, Inc. is able to handle all aspects of ocean freight shipping in most countries of the world at very low prices.

Sims, Waters & Associates, Inc. is licensed, bonded and C-TPAT certified. We are a leading ocean transport company based in Jacksonville Florida, licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission as an OTI (Ocean Transportation Intermediary) and NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier). We handle ocean shipments of any type of cargo to ports around the world.

RoRo car shipping overseas Container car shipping overseas

There are two main methods of overseas vehicle transport.

The first is "RoRo Service" [roll-on roll-off], the most common method of transport for a single vehicle. This options works easiest as it is like simply paying for a parking spot and driving the vehicle unto the lot - except it's on a ship. The only drawback to this method is that no content other than the jack and spare tire are permitted to be in the vehicle under any circumstance.

The other method is the container shipment. Although both services are completely secure, many individuals opt for the container shipment as an added measure of vehicle protection and also as a way to consolidate more than one vehicle in order to curtail transport costs and destination fees at the receiving ports. In these cases, additional properties are allowed to be shipped inside the vehicle up to a specified total weight. Both of these methods are available at the ports in Spain, and we will discuss both options in the initial consultation to determine which option suits your need best. Sims, Waters & Associates, Inc. will work with you to insure that all required documents are in order and the arrival time of your vehicle is best suited to your need.

It is to be noted that every international port has its own destination and unloading fees for transferring your vehicle from the port. These fees will be discussed in their entirety so that you are able to make a more informed decision. If traveling to Spain and staying less than 6 months, you’ll be happy to know that you may be able to transport your vehicle without having to pay certain taxes and duties costs. At the end of that time period however, you will have to export the vehicle or pay the required taxes and duties if you will be applying for permanent residency.

One thing that should always be taken into consideration is having the correct, up-to-date documentation for your vehicle. Lacking these documents will not only increase costs but can also add additional processing time when dealing with the customs offices. These necessary documents include valid vehicle identification, proof of US residency, original title, and valid registration. In some cases where newly purchased vehicles are involved, a notarized bill of sale may be required.

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As previously stated, shipping vehicles overseas can be a task and a very intricate process. Likewise some rules and regulations may change every now and again. Therefore, consulting with Sims, Waters & Associates, Inc. helps offer you peace of mind where your vehicle is concerned allowing you time to focus on all the other things needed for a successful transition.

Please feel free to fill out our online form and request a preliminary quote today and contact Sims, Waters & Associates, Inc. with all your shipping related questions.

OUR PRICES ARE INDUSTRY LEADING. We've been serving our customers since 1987. Sims, Waters & Associates is licensed and bonded. Our staff has over hundred years of combined experience in the international freight shipping industry. Get a quick shipping quote now.


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