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Ship a car from the USA to Europe Ship a car from the USA to Europe Ship a car from the USA to Europe

How much cost to ship a car to Europe?

Shipping a car from the US to Europe starts around $895 for a compact car and runs up to around $2,000 for a full-sized SUV. We offer a discount for multiple vehicles. To find out an exact price in your case, please fill out the shipping quote form.

What if I don't live close to shipping port?

We can pick up your car and transport it to the nearest shipping port or across a country. Vehicles are either driven onto the ship or into auto containers which measure 7x7x19-feet long. Large or oversized vehicles will cost $150-$250 more to ship from a state to a terminal along with an additional surcharge aboard ship.

What documents are needed when shipping a car to Europe?

Paperwork needed to ship a vehicle includes two copies of a notarized title, a Shipper Export Declaration form and a Declaration of Dangerous Goods form. Contact our office for the specific paperwork needed.

What are the additional expenses?

  • Cars must meet the safety standards of the destination country. Also, be aware that repair and replacement parts for a US manufactured vehicle may be pricey or difficult to come by.
  • Shipping insurance for the vehicle runs 1.5 %-2.5% of the estimated value or about $300-$500 for a car valued at $20,000. Some individual auto policies cover transport.
  • You need to add $200-300 each way for port fees. Ask us about the port of entry taxes in Europe that may cost about around $200.
  • Non-operational vehicles will be charged extra for loading and unloading difficulties.

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Sims, Waters & Associates is a licensed ocean freight forwarder since 1987. Our staff has over a hundred years of combined experience in the global freight shipping industry.

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How long does it take to ship a car to Europe?

NYC to Europe in general takes about 10 days. Of course where you’re shipping from/to adds time. Los Angeles to Europe can be 3-4 weeks via the Panama Canal. Arrival times are not guaranteed as weather and mechanical trouble can delay arrival - however I have not had any problems with delays - most ships are on a very tight schedule.

If you’re a left coaster, what you should consider is whether you want to drive across country for fun and ship from an east coast port. Or, do you want to put your car in a truck and ship it to east coast port? You also can just ship it from Long Beach, CA, Port Hueneme, CA or Galveston, TX. Just discuss options with us and consider your schedule.

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