How to Ship Car from USA to Africa - FAQ

Car shipping to Africa via RoRo Ship

1. How Much It Cost To Ship A Car To Africa?

Typical car shipping cost to West Africa from USA starts from $900 and runs around $2,000 when you are shipping bigger vehicles. The costs depends on the destination port, shipping method, size of the vehicle, number of vehicles or goods being shipped. You'll spend less shipping from the East Coast than from the West Coast. If you shipping one vehicle then RoRo is usually cheaper, but container is cheaper if you're shipping more than one car. If you bring your car to the port yourself, you'll save cash.

2. How Long It Takes To Ship A Car To Africa?

The ship takes approximately 2 weeks to arrive to most ports in Africa once it takes off from the East coast USA. What takes time is actually waiting for the next available ship. At times the wait time could be up to 1 month because there are so many people shipping to Africa but you could get lucky.

This does not stop you from doing the paper work with the shipping company and dropping the car at the port.

3. What is better, shipping a car Ro-Ro or inside the Container?

Lot of people ship RoRo, except of course if you have more than one car. If you have up to 4 cars to ship, the container is definitely your best option. You are fully assured of the safety of your goods and you can also load other items in it. It might cost a bit more when clearing the container though. In terms of security, there is not much differrence, the RoRo port is safe now. Shipping one car Ro-Ro is cheaper and also easier to clear.

4. The Shipping Process For Car Shipping From USA To Africa?

There are a number of ways in which cars are shipped from the USA to Africa. The majority of cars exported are loaded and shipped in containers. It is the most popular method of shipping cars because it allows you to ship additional household goods and auto parts in the same container - saving you money versus shipping by air freight or roll-on/roll-off.

When shipping your car overseas in a container you can also load salvage, or parts-cars because unlike shipping via RoRo, the car does not have to run and drive.

5. Making Sure The Company You Are Using Is Reputable Is The First Priority

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