How to Ship a Car from USA to European Union Tax Free

How to avoid paying VAT and duty tax when importing your car to Europe.

Ship a car from the USA to Europe tax free

If you are permanently moving to Europe you may be able to avoid VAT and customs duties on the personal vehicle you bring with you.

Here are the conditions you must meet:

  • Must continue using it as a personal vehicle for the next 12 months in the EU
  • Owned the personal vehicle for at least 6 months outside of the EU
  • You and the vehicle must enter the EU at around the same time
  • Resided outside of the EU for at least 12 continuous months

If you meet the above requirements, your vehicle can receive and exemption from VAT and duties when entering the EU.

Ship a car from the USA to Europe tax free

Documents you need to provide:

  • Previous US address
  • Duration of your residence in the US with supporting documents
  • EU address of where you plan to stay
  • Supporting documents for when you are moving to the EU
  • Completed Power of Attorney (POA) form
  • Copy of your passport or green card
  • Copy of previous US vehicle registration
  • Copy of US vehicle de-registration confirmation
  • Copy of US vehicle title

Please contact us if you have any questions about importing your car to the EU.

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