RoRo Shipping from USA to Southampton UK

RORO & Container Shipping from USA

Shipping to Southampton, UK

Jacksonville Customs Broker & Freight Forwarder since 1986. Sims, Waters & Associates is located at 5018 Spring Park Road. Jacksonville, FL 32207.

Our employees have over hundred combined years of experience in freight shipping industry and we have a wealth of knowledge to assist you for all your International Freight forwarding needs.

Shipping a car from USA to Southampton UK

Whether you ship a car, a truck, a yacht, a motocycle or heavy cargo like excavators, tractors, trailers, we'll make your shipping easy. We take care of all the paperwork for you and handle your cargo. Our ocean freight shipping service provides you a worry-free service.

We are experienced USA to Southampton, UK forwarder, licensed and bonded. We offer personalized shipping service from USA to Southampton, UK for cars, vans, SUV-s, minibuses, trucks, tractors, coaches, Mack trucks, heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, boats, yachts, RV's / motorhomes...etc. We offer RoRo and Container Shipping services.

Sims, Waters & Associates, Inc. was established in 1986 and we have two licensed Customs Brokers in house. Our employees have over 100 years of combined experience in this industry and we have a wealth of knowledge to assist with all your exportation and importation needs.

Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we can meet your overseas shipping needs.


Freight Shipping Services:

We provide a first class shipping service without any hassle
to offer only the best service available.

  • Competitive Rates
  • Personalized Service
  • RoRo Shipping - Vehicles, Boats, Motorhomes & Heavy Equipment
  • LCL & FCL Container Shipping
  • Shipments arranged from most U.S. Ports
  • Arrange Inland Transportation across the U.S.
  • Marine Insurance
  • Consular Certification of Documents
  • Letters of Credit
  • Export Documentation & Advice
  • Customs Export Certification for Self Propelled Cargo

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