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Shipping cars from USA to Southampton, UK

Car Shipping to southampton, UKThere are two ways to ship a car from the US to the UK; container metod or RORO (roll-on roll-off). RORO shipping is usually cheaper then container metod. Most car manufacturers export cars using RORO. Although using container metod is a good way to ship for a little extra stuff with your car.

Your car should have a quarter of a gallon of gasoline. If it runs out during transit, the shipping authorities will charge you.

Your shipper will need the vehicle Title or, if it's new an untitled, car shipper needs the Certificate of Origin. They need originals so make copies.


Insurens will generally be provided by your shipper at about 1.5% of the car's cost. You need to make sure you are insured from at all times.

Make sure you remove anything that is easy to take off and cover anything that big oily boots are likely to touch!


You will need to pay 17.5% tax and customs duty of 10% unless you have owned the car for more than 6 months (and can prove it) and if you are intending keeping it for your own use for at least a year after entering the country.

Loading cars at Southampton port

These days you also need to show that you have lived in the US for those 6 months too and the car has been driven, licenced and insured during that time. This is to catch all the scammers that pretend all this in order to avoid the duty and tax.

Please feel free to contact our office to discuss all the details of your shipping.

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