Shipping cars to Sweden

RoRo Shipping

Shipping Cars Sweden via RoRo Ship

The RORO METHOD usually is the easiest and cheapest way to ship a car overseas. If you have a car, truck, motorhome or boat, the RoRo (Roll on Roll off) process is still the same. Our service contracts with Ro-Ro carriers allow us to offer the high quality Ro-Ro shipping at the lowest possible rates.

Shipping cars to Sweden inside the container

Container Shipping

Shipping Cars to Sweden In Container

The CONTAINER METHOD offers a secure and safer way of freight ocean shipping. Most ships depart from major ports worldwide every 7-10 days. We load and secure vehicles in 20ft and 40ft containers before being them shipped. Our highly experienced experts can assist you with LCL and FCL container shipping.

Marine insurence

Marine Insurance

Get A Peace Of Mind

Relying on the coverage offered by the carrier or the supplier is not enough. Generally, the steamship lines do not carry cargo insurance, and by Federal Maritime Law (FMC regulations) are not liable for more than $500 per vehicle. We recommend that you purchase Marine insurance.

How to get Started?

To start Vehicle Shipping Process to Sweden or any other country you need to complete our quick quote request form. You will need to provide us a following information:

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We keep our car shipping prices very competitive because shipping volume is more important than the price we could get. We are willing to work that much harder. Customers who use our freight shipping services will use it again and again.

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