Container car shipping to Sweden

Container Car Shipping to Sweden

Container car shipping method is great way to ship a car to Sweden when you are shipping multiple cars or shipping additional items inside your car. The maximum weight limit is 150 pounds and everything must fit inside the trunk of the vehicle. You will need an list of the items along with their values. You can use either Less than Container Load or Full Container (FCL) container shipping method.

LCL Container (Less-than-container-load) - Use a LCL method if you can fit all items inside your truck. When using a shared container, other cars will be in the container as well.

FCL Container (Full Container Load) - Use full container method if you are shipping multiple cars or if you're shipping an exotic cars.

How Much Cost To Ship A Car to Sweden?

We keep our container car shipping prices very low. To get our amazing container car shipping rates to Sweden or any other country you need to complete our quick quote request form. You will need to provide us with the following information:

  • Vehicle type, make, and model
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