Shipping cars to Sweden

RORO Car Shipping to Sweden

Use RoRo car shipping method if you are shipping one car. The car must be able drive up the ramp with no mechanical assistance. Once the car is aboard the ship, it is blocked and braced to the ship's deck to prevent it from slipping and sliding as the ship rocks at sea. The only items permitted inside the vehicle are the spare tire along with the jack.

Shipping a car to Sweden using the RoRo method is much cheaper than the container method. It is also a much safer method since the car is driven onto the ship vs lifted in a container.

There are many departure ports for RoRo. You can take your car and meet us at the nearest port or we can pick up your car for you. With RoRo shipping, your car can only have 1/4 tank of gas. Anything over 1/4 tank of gas will have to be drained for safety purposes.

How Much Cost To Ship A Car To Sweden?

We keep Ro-Ro car shipping prices very low . To get our amazing RORO car shipping rates to Sweden or any other country you need to complete our quick quote request form. You will need to provide us with the following information:

  • Vehicle type, make, and model
  • Where you are shipping from
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