Car Shipping to Antwerp Belgium from USA

Information about shipping a car/cargo to Belgium from USA via ro-ro ship or inside the container. Learn about shipping prices, schedules and shipping methods. Find out our amazing car shipping rates.

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RoRo shipping to Antwerp Belgium

RoRo Shipping to Antwerp Belgium

RoRo shipping method is usually the cheapest and easiest shipping method when shipping a car overseas. The RoRo method offers a cost effective way of shipping cars, 4x4's, vans, trucks, buses, plant and heavy agricultural machinery. The RoRo Vehicle shipping cost is purely based on the amount of space the vehicle takes on the Vessel. Vehicles are driven directly on to inside the vessel and secured with straps and braces to prevent any movement. We have access to all the vessels departing from the USA on a weekly basis. We offer great deals on shipping cars to the Port of Antwerp, Belgium. We been shipping cars overseas over 28 years.

Container shipping to Antwerp Belgium

Container Shipping to Antwerp Belgium

The container method offers a secure and safer way of shipping a car to Antwerp Belgium. If you ship more than one car then container shipping method is usually cheaper than roro method. Your car is loaded into 20ft or 40ft container and secured to the floor before being shipped to Antwerp Belgium. We ship containers to Antwerp Belgium on a weekly basis from the USA. One of the advantages of container shipping is that you may place your personal items into container with your vehicle.
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